Missing, Presumed
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‘I read tons of crime and it was the most satisfying read in ages. And so CLEVER. And so well-written… Utterly brilliant.’ - India Knight

 'Where Steiner excels is in the depth and clarity with which she depicts her characters. Manon is sad and lonely, estranged from her sister and something of a misanthrope. But she’s also funny and clever, and interesting. I defy you not to fall for her.' - Thriller of the Month, The Observer

'Steiner’s engrossing, gripping and wry prose, beautifully detailed storytelling and the wonderfully drawn DS Manon Bradshaw elevate this missing person novel into something quite spectacular and deeply satisfying.' - Best crime thrillers of 2016, Red Online

'This clever, witty novel is one of those rare books that marries excellent writing and memorable characters with an absorbing plot and a startling twist.' - Charlotte Heathcote, Sunday Express

'A cracking page-turner,' – Woman & Home

A young woman vanishes. A smear of blood in the kitchen of the house she shares with her boyfriend suggests a struggle...

As soon as Detective Sergeant Manon Bradshaw sees the photograph of missing Edith Hind - a beautiful Cambridge post-grad from a well-connected family - she knows the case will be big. And she's right: pressure soon mounts from the media and from on high.Can Manon see clearly enough to solve the mystery of Edith's disappearance? Can she withstand intimidation from Sir Ian Hind, Edith's father, who has friends in high places? And when a body is found, will it mean the end or just the beginning?

'DS Manon Bradshaw is an attractive and interesting heroine, the story (set in Cambridge and London) is skilfully paced and the book is unusually well written. Having been a journalist, Susie Steiner knows how to capture the reader’s attention, keep her enthralled and sign off neatly. Missing, Presumed is an excellent crime novel.' – LITERARY REVIEW

'Missing, Presumed hits the sweet spot between literary and crime fiction. The plot is gripping, with a twist that knocked me sideways.'- ERIN KELLY

''Within a chapter, DS Manon Bradshaw announces herself as a detective to follow through books and books to come. A treat in store for those who love their crime fiction rich in psychology, beautifully written and laced with dark humour. Dive in.' - LUCIE WHITEHOUSE

''DS Manon Bradshaw is a messed-up, big-hearted detective in the best tradition’ - HARRIET LANE

'Loved Missing, Presumed - intelligent, funny, gripping and beautifully written.' CARYS BRAY

Susie Steiner (left) being interviewed by mark lawson (centre) with Det Sgt Graham Macmillan (right)

Susie Steiner (left) being interviewed by mark lawson (centre) with Det Sgt Graham Macmillan (right)