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Homecoming is the story of the Hartles, a Yorkshire family who are kind, loving – and about to have their lives turned upside down. When the novel begins, Joe and Ann Hartle, with over thirty years of marriage behind them, are struggling to keep the family farm afloat, torn between giving it up or pressing on. But who will take over their beloved land? Their older son, Max, newly married, is set to inherit but is struggling with his new responsibilities. Bartholomew, the younger son, has moved south, away from the farm he both loves and hates, to try his hand at his own business – and a new relationship. When misfortune strikes, their plans are thrown into jeopardy and they all have to think again about the meaning of home.

'Susie Steiner's debut novel is kitchen-sink drama meets The Archers – a powerful, visceral portrait of the ties that bind, and those that break. Steiner has written a truly exceptional study of human flaws and frailties,' 
The Observer

'A narrative that works hard to keep its big heart in the right place. Homecoming is a matter-of-fact demonstration of the virtue of rolling up one's sleeves, keeping calm and carrying on,' 
The Guardian

'The story is very much rooted in the complex relationships in the Hartle family. Rich descriptions of 'raising the beet' and the bracken 'which is brown and thick with pheasant' given anauthentic feel to Steiner's debut novel. By the time we come full circle at the end of the farming year, you feel you're part of the Hartle family, warts and all.' The Daily Express

'Who will inherit the farm?' is the big question at the heart of this warm and engaging first novel, set in Yorkshire. The farming details are beautifully deployed, to show a family renewing itself as much as the land it lives on.' The Times 

'The Archers meets Anne Enright in Susie Steiner's involving debut novel, set on the Yorkshire moors. Steiner's novel skifully captures Yorkshire in all its ordinary beauty - lonesome fells and pastel twilights, swirly-carpeted pubs and rusting tractors - and her plot is satisfyingly complex. Homecoming is readable, heart-breaking and true.' 
Simple Things Magazine

'Finally, to unwind, I'll travel with Homecoming, by Susie Steiner, a name to watch.' Robert McCrum, Observer summer reads, July 2014

'Steiner. . . explore[s] the dynamics of marriage, parent-child relationships, and sibling rivalry. It's an absorbing story: one often has the sense of the characters being driven by their natures, inevitably pushed into unwise choices that make you want to shout "Stop!" Brandon Robshaw  The Independent

'This debut novel explores how we become defined by our nearest and dearest and why the ties that bind are stretched when tragedy strikes . . . An intelligent and engrossing read.' Woman magazine, "Hot Read"

'Homecoming offers many parallels between family and flock, with strands of straying and return. Steiner’s realism [is] equally attuned to grim human avarice and warm humour.'  The Financial Times